Our Mission Statement

The Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara, a loving community of seekers:

  • Living with integrity
  • Nurturing wonder
  • Inspiring  action

adopted by the congregation, November 2013

Our Ends

Living with integrity, we:

  • 1. Support each other in life and life’s transitions with loving care, joy, celebration and gratitude.
  • 2. Care for the earth and its rich web of life for current and future generations.

Nurturing wonder, we:

  • 3. Experience the transcendent that opens us to deep connection and life’s mystery.
  • 4. Cultivate spiritual practices and engage in lifelong learning, utilizing our hearts and minds.

Inspiring action, we:

  • 5. Shift the larger culture toward justice and compassion through bold individual and congregational endeavors.
  • 6. Welcome and connect with people across differences of identity and lived experience.

adopted August, 2013 – revised January 2020

Timeline of the Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara

1872-1876 Meeting in a private residence
1877 Rev. George Young forms Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara congregation
1885 USSB incorporated
1890 Stone church built at the corner of Arlington Avenue and State Street
1921-1928 Dr. Lewis C. Carson, minister
1925 Earthquake destroys stone church building
1929-1932 Rev. Edward P. Daniels, minister
1930 Present Spanish-style church building completed
1933-1958 Rev. Berkeley Blake, minister
1949 Sarah Foot School opens (Starr King Parent Child Workshop)
1957 Blake Building completed and dedicated to Rev. Berkeley Blake
1959-1977 Rev. John Alexie “Lex” Crane, minister
1962 Jefferson Building added
1978-1990 Rev. Tony Friess Perrino, minister
1979-1982 Rev. Maren Hansen, associate minister
1982-1986 Rev. Frank Robertson, minister of religious education
1987-1994 Rev. Carol Edwards, minister of religious education
1990-1991 Rev. Jack Mendelsohn, interim minister
1991-1999 Rev. Sarah Moores Campbell, senior minister
1999-2001 Rev. James E. Grant, interim minister
2001-2008 Rev. Kenneth Collier, minister
2008-2009 Rev. Joy Atkinson, interim minister
2009-2014 Rev. Aaron McEmrys, minister
2011-2015 Rev. Julia Hamilton, associate minister
2014-2015 Rev. Lee Bond-Upson, interim minister
2015- Rev. Julia Hamilton, lead minister
2015-2018 Rev. Caitlin Cotter Coillberg, assistant minister