Next Steps Weekend Recap & Reports

Report from our September 22 Next Steps Weekend!

Thank you to everyone who participated in last weekend’s action-packed visit with our capital campaign consultant, Rachel Maxwell! 

Rachel met with your Board of Trustees, Staff, and a wide range of lay leaders and members in the congregation to hear about our boldest hopes and dreams for USSB. She has reviewed all kinds of information about our congregation to get a sense of our financial health, culture, and opportunities for growth.

From these small group meetings, our consultant gauged our readiness for a Capital Campaign and shared a presentation on her findings Sunday after service (spoiler alert: we’re ready!).

You can find a recording of that presentation here: . And a copy of the slides from the presentation can be found here

Here are the takeaways from Rachel’s Presentation:

  • We are financially sound; we have diverse income streams and are on solid financial footing.
  • We have a healthy, non-anxious congregation; we are engaged, optimistic, and have a sense of abundance and gratitude.
  • We are enthusiastic about our future and see opportunities for improvement and growth.
  • We are ready for a capital campaign!

To read the full written report 

Some next (next) steps…

  • Your Board is developing a capital campaign visioning process for this fall to gather ideas and refine our shared vision. Please keep an eye on your inbox for details about that process and how you can participate! Full congregational participation in the visioning process will allow us to move forward together with a bold plan that will benefit this congregation and the wider community for generations to come.

In addition, if you would like to listen to Rev. Julia’s ‘Remembering the Future’ sermon from the NSW Sunday, please click here: