Courage to Search

Courage to Search is a facilitated framework of classes and workshops for personal exploration, sharing, and reflection designed to help participants better understand who they are, where they came from and how they might evolve as individuals. Workshops that focus on meaningful aspects of a person’s life (individually and in concert with others and the broader world), encourage exploration of the beliefs and values that inform our worldviews, and aid us in making more mindful and deliberate choices.

It’s also way to connect USSB/UU values and the broader non-UU public by creating a place to go to explore meaningful decisions about yourself and your life. Find out more by emailing Nancy Edmundson.

Local and Global Religions Program

If you have ever wondered what happens in other churches and faith traditions, then this program is for you. Guides Chris Shorb and Nate Rich will be leading tours to “faiths unknown.” Visits take place on the second Sunday of each month with the exception of April. On the third Sunday of each month we gather to discuss the visit. All are welcomed to attend and you can join at any time. For more information contact Chris Shorb.

Midweek Meditation

Join us for a weekly online midweek meditation opportunity to participate in a facilitated sitting meditation session. Sitting in contemplation has a long lineage in many faith traditions and can enrich any spiritual practice. Members of the USSB congregation and the public are invited to take time each week to sit and breathe and participate in various meditation styles. If you’re looking for more mindfulness or just a chance to take a brief midweek timeout, stop by. The group will be led, on a rotating basis, by Arianna Jansma, Rev. Julia Hamilton, and Hod and Laraine Gray. After a five-minute settling period and instructions on meditation for those interested, there will be two 15-minute sitting meditation periods, broken up with a brief break, when people can stretch or leave or join us. BYOC: Bring your own cushion, chair or other sitting tool, or there will be chairs and cushions here to sit on. For more information, email the office. See our events calendar here.

Solidarity and Compassion Project

USSB is collaborating with Mindful Heart for a monthly interfaith conversation and meditation. Join us for a thematic presentation from an engaged Buddhist perspective. Meditation will follow the presentation. (This is temporarily on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic.)