Church Without Walls Campaign

We are readying our campus for in-person return in the fall, with technology to enable multi-platform worship services and programs, as well as the facility updates to support safe in-person gatherings, such as Sunday worship.

We have met with a contract company to review what is required to move us to multi-platform worship and the costs are not nominal: we need to raise $20,000 to set up the technology, internet upgrades, and facility upgrades to make this work.

Enter the Church Without Walls Campaign. From June until September, we will be raising funds to meet this goal, and we need your participation to make this happen.

We are asking that every congregation member make a donation to this campaign, whether large or small, to support the growth of our services and entry into the new, virtual church age.

Let’s ready our campus for a joyous return; let’s create a space that is as safe and welcoming as possible, while keeping the quality and engagement of our virtual offerings.

Donate: To donate through our secure, online merchant, please click here. You may also mail a check to our office with “CWW” in the memo line. All gifts are tax deductible.

If you have questions about the campaign, please contact Erin Wilson.


Thank you to the following members and friends who have donated so far:

Alliance, Becky Blake, Bill Boyd, Bruce Daniels, Cathy Albanese, Charles Hamilton, Chris & Sally Van Der Kar, Chuck & Deborah Wolfe, Deborah Hughes, Ellie Tuazon, Gail Fairburn, Gun Dukes, Hod & Laraine Gray, Jack Rief, Janet Brinckmann, Janet Lengsfelder, Jeanette Iwatsuki, Joe Fior, John & Dorothy Warnock, John Altman, Judy & Jack Eisenhauer, Julie Lopp, Kate Mead, Kir Zecher, Marilou Shiells, Mark & Sally Hamilton, Mary Grimm, Mike & Janice Ristow, Nancy Edmundson, Onolee Zwicke & Maurice Wada, Patricia Reilly-Stark, Paul & Tracy Freeman, Peter Hale & Donnis Galvan, Rachel Aarons, Regina Fletcher, Ted & Louise Anagnoson, Ted & Kay Stern, Carol Schwyzer, Ann Taves, Mike Gorodezky, Buzz Moran, Charles Land, Bonnie Jensen, Maxine Apke, Paul Stull, Scott Rowland, Kanta MacDermott, Anna DiStefano & Deb Karoff, Kathleen Boehm, Joanie & Colin Jones, Bonnie Jensen, Paul Stull, Scott Rowland, Kanta MacDermott, Anna DiStefano & Deb Karoff, Kathleen Boehm, Joanie & Colin Jones, Mary Zurbuchen, Candace White, Karin Nelson & Rick Hibbs, Kathy Leer, Claire Chytilo, Nancy & Ken Beisser, Kathy Eastman, Charla Bregante & Chuck Flacks

Church Without Walls Fundraising Goal:$20,190Raised$20,000

The Details 


What is “multi-platform”?: “Multi-platform worship” means conducting Sunday morning service both in-person (in the Sanctuary) and online (via Zoom) simultaneously. Likewise, multi-platform programs are meetings and gatherings (Connection Circles, Adult RE and CRE programs, Board Meetings, or Nominating Committee meetings, etc.) that can happen with participants meeting in-person simultaneously also online. 

What is included?: Technology, such as; high quality video cameras, microphones, laptop computer, mic stands, flat screen television, wireless internet hardware improvements, and the labor to get us upgraded. Facility improvements such as; two Air-Scrubbing filtration systems on our Sanctuary furnaces, PPE, hand washing stations, and more. 


We need the technology to hold engaging, high-quality multi-platform worship, it is essential to our operating in the 21st century. We need these services not only to reach those who we already know who cannot attend in person, but those who have yet to connect with; in this time more and more visitors are discovering us online, and we need an engaging and quality experience to reach those who are getting to know us.

Before the pandemic, we had conducted multi-platform services with a cell phone set up in the aisle, streaming to Facebook; you might remember the bad audio, poor video quality, and unstable internet connection that left some frustrated. This worked as a band-aid solution to a small need, but now that we have conducted over a year of 100% virtual worship service (and expect the need for virtual services to continue to be high) we simply cannot go back to that format.

When and Where?

The campaign will run between June 6 and September 1. Upgrades will largely take place in the Sanctuary, but we are also revamping the Audio Video in Parish Hall to be able to stream multi-platform programs. 

For Whom?

In order to continue to appeal to virtual visitors, provide equitable access to members and friends, and connect to the larger community, we need to up the quality our virtual presence.

Wider Community and Future Membership: Throughout this virtual year, we have been able to take our services outside our Sanctuary walls and reach visitors, family, and friends through our online presence. We have realized the importance of having our services online to connecting with those who don’t know us yet. We need to continue our reach to potential members, even if they never step foot inside our doors. 

Vulnerable and Home-Bound Members and Friends: There are some of us for whom returning to the Sanctuary is not an option; either the pandemic has left us too vulnerable for exposure, or we can no longer drive ourselves to the Sanctuary. 

What are some of the benefits?

  • High quality music – High quality audio of choir and musicians during service, and ability for music to be easily recorded
  • Engagement with virtual visitors and connection to the community 
  • Sustained, quality access for vulnerable and home-bound
  • Weddings and memorials will be easily streamed for family and friends across the country
  • Multi-platform programming and virtual access for members, friends, and visitors to our ongoing programs
  • Increased congregational engagement – these upgrades make it simpler for working families or those who do not drive to participate in programs and meetings