The Nominating Committee Seeks Your Input!

Every year, the nominating committee is responsible for finding candidates for vacancies on the board of trustees and the nominating committee. Although the candidates are not voted on until the June annual meeting, the committee works throughout the year to identify many candidates from a diverse set of backgrounds. To provide the committee with many perspectives, in November and December, the members of the nominating committee seek input from members of the USSB community.

As we reach out to the entire USSB community, we seek individuals who are committed to our values, purposes, and principles. We also recognize that commitment to the USSB community comes in many forms. For some members, the commitment is helping in many different parts of the USSB community, at times where the greatest need is. For others, a deep commitment to one or two committees achieves this goal.

Although it may be helpful for some members of the board to have finance or organizational backgrounds, the nominating committee looks for a diverse group of committed leaders to make decisions in the best interest of the congregation. From the flower committee to the finance committee, we seek all interested individuals from every part of the USSB community willing to dedicate their time to practicing USSB’s values, mission and ends.

Over the next two months, please feel free to reach out to anyone on the committee. If you see any of us on Sunday before or after the service, do not hesitate to talk to us with ideas about qualities you are looking for in candidates, or about individuals who you believe may make strong candidates now or in the future. You can also reach out to Deb Karoff, current nominating committee chair, at

We look forward to your input in November and December. Thank you.

— Deb Karoff (chair), John Hartman, Chris Shorb, Ann Taves, Deb Wolfe, Onolee Zwicke

Expectations and Responsibilities

BOARD OF TRUSTEES: To be nominated for the board of trustees, the individual must be a member of the congregation for at least one year at the time of the election. Members of the board need to be able to follow USSB purposes and principles by representing USSB as a whole, learn and execute the board’s governance model, seek consensus when possible, and be a stabilizing presence as needed. Members are expected to prepare for and attend monthly board meetings and the annual meeting. Some members of the board also serve as a board officer and on the executive committee.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE: To be nominated for the nominating committee, the individual must be a member of the congregation for at least three years at the time of the election. The nominating committee meets monthly from September to June, and members are asked to attend the annual meeting, one to two board meetings per year, and other occasional meetings. The primary purpose of the committee is to identify a slate of candidates for the board and nominating committee at the annual meeting. This requires actively reaching out and recruiting a diverse group of committed members to serve as future members of the board and nominating committee. Part of the recruiting process involves identifying individuals who are willing to develop as congregation leaders at a future time.