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  • Parish Hall

Unstaffed Events: 96
Staffed Dining Events:
Staffed Theatre Setup: 130
Dimension: 33’ wide by 48’ long
Area: 1,584 sq. ft.
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  • Sound System
  • Projector & Screen
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Wheelchair Accessible

Parish Hall is our main ballroom. This beautiful room hosts most of the wedding receptions held at USSB, in conjunction with Parish Courtyard right outside the three arched doorways. It’s the place to dance the night away! Equipped with an elevated stage, a sound system, a projector and drop down screen, Parish Hall is also an excellent venue for presentations, large meetings, dances, potlucks, and on and on. And with our attached commercial kitchen, Parish Hall has everything you’ll need for a full-featured event.

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