Introducing Realm, our congregational directory & database

We are excited to introduce our members and friends to our new online directory and database, Realm. Realm is a cloud-based database that not only serves the day-to-day operational and administrative needs of our staff, but also offers some exciting opportunities to support the way you are involved. It will make it easier for our USSB community to connect with each other, keep up with what’s going on, and grow.

Among many things, Realm can be used by you to:

  • Connect – get contact information for other members, friends, and groups and communicate with them directly through the database. Help you match names and faces – look up current members and friends and see their profile pictures.
  • Give – check on your contribution history and make contributions
  • Get Involved – Register for events and keep up to date with current events and social justice activities
  • Share – Connect and share with groups you are part of as well as;
    • Find new affinity groups to be involved with
    • Learn more about groups of the Society you are interested in

In addition to using Realm on your standard desktop or laptop, you may also download these handy apps to get connected with USSB on the go:


REalm 101 – a step-by-step beginners guide to joining and using realm

If you were unable to make one of our Realm 101 presentations, a copy of the power point presentation with step by step instructions can be found here: Realm 101 Power Point Presentation – Updated 3-18-18

realm leaders training – a guide for group leaders

This guide is for members assigned as Group Leaders Realm Group Leaders Training 4-8-18

realm Faqs:

How do i join?

Members and friends are only allowed to join Realm by invitation from USSB. On August 13, 2017, we sent an email to all of our USSB members and friends, inviting you to join Realm. If you did not receive an invitation or if yours was lost, please email and you should receive assistance within 48 hours.

okay, i’ve joined – now how do i log in?

Visit to log in with your user name and password that you set up during the initial login process.

where should i start?

We suggest all members and friends start with updating their profile – add a picture (we’ve added one for most of our members and friends, to get you started), check your address, phone, and other contact information. Make sure your career, interests, and allergy information is correct and up to date.

From there you can;

  • Check out upcoming events
  • Check out groups you are part of under the ‘Community’ area
  • Connect with members/friends by sending them a message
is my information private?

You will always have complete control over your profile information and how it is shared. Your information is never shared with the public (congregation members and friends must be invited by a staff member in order to access the system). It will be up to you whether or not to join, but we do hope that everyone will participate. More information about privacy and Realm can be found here:

I’ve got a technical question  – who do i talk to?

You can always visit the Realm support page at www.onrealm.orghttps://ussb.orghelp for technical questions. Please note you will need to log in to access this support page. If you have issues with logging in or a question that can’t be answered by the support page, you may email These emails go to staff and we will do our best to respond to your question within 48 hours.