The English poet, John Donne, proposed that, “It’s only by keeping death nearby that one can truly live.” Could it be that the very temporary nature of our time in this world, something most of us would rather not think about, is actually the thing that allows us to see and experience life most fully?

Special Guest Speaker: Edward W. Bastian, PhD., is a Buddhist scholar and teacher who studied with great Tibetan geshes and Indian panditas in Dharamshala, Sarnath, Varanasi, and Bodh Gaya. He was executive producer for a series of award-winning BBC and PBS programs about religion. He also produced three films about Tibetan Buddhism for the National Endowment for the Humanities. Ed has been a regular contributor at The Aspen Institute, taught several classes about world religion, and directed the biodiversity program at the Smithsonian Institution. He co-authored a book in 2009 entitled, “Living Fully, Dying Well” and is currently president of The Spiritual Paths Foundation. 

Featured music will be provided by harpist Laurie Rasmussen and organist Kevin Rose.

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