Speaker: Ken Ralph

Reflections on Fatherhood

Each year we set aside the third Sunday in June to celebrate those among us who have assumed the role of fathering a child. This is no easy undertaking. It requires time, commitment, generosity, support, advice, forgiveness, sacrifice, and unending compassion. Father’s Day provides the … read more.

This I Believe

New Year’s Day is often associated with new resolutions for the upcoming year. What if, instead, we took this moment to reexamine our personal credos, our own personal beliefs? What has changed over the past year? How have our beliefs been challenged or affirmed? How can … read more.

Only Connect

Life continually invites us to connect with each other. Opportunities to extend love and care to our community pop up at the most unexpected times and places. The question is whether we will allow ourselves to put aside our fears and judgements, take a leap … read more.


The English poet, John Donne, proposed that, “It’s only by keeping death nearby that one can truly live.” Could it be that the very temporary nature of our time in this world, something most of us would rather not think about, is actually the thing … read more.