Speaker: Peter Hale

Five Summer Stories

We know each, not by facts and statistics, but by our stories. Those that are told about us and those we wish to share about ourselves. Come and hear a few tales from your fellow UUs Charla Bregante, Linda Liker, Marty Conoley, Craig Woodman, and … read more.

Reflections on Fatherhood

Each year we set aside the third Sunday in June to celebrate those among us who have assumed the role of fathering a child. This is no easy undertaking. It requires time, commitment, generosity, support, advice, forgiveness, sacrifice, and unending compassion. Father’s Day provides the … read more.

The Power of Vulnerability

Does that sound like an oxymoron, power and vulnerability being used in the same statement? But being vulnerable does not imply weakness, it means being unguarded, open, flexible, and ultimately . . . the freedom to grow and change.

Guest participants: Charla Bregante, Chuck Flacks, and … read more.

Circle of Friends

As we participate in the life of our congregation — its joys and concerns, its events and its role in the greater community — we may forget that it is made up of individuals who have their own joys and concerns and need help … read more.