Speaker: Rev. Julia Hamilton

Easter Morning Wasn’t Always Easter Morning

In the Christian tradition, Easter is greeted at sunrise with trumpets and jubilation, celebrating the grand, mythic story of resurrection and redemption. But more often than not, change happens slowly and deepens over time – what if resurrection is not a moment, but a movement?

Abolition is Sacred Work

Laura McTighe was born in Baltimore and raised in our country’s movements to end AIDS and prisons. Over the last 20+ years, she’s been part of multiple organizations at such intersections as Prison Health News, TEACH Outside, and Project UNSHACKLE. Today, she is assistant professor … read more.

It’s been a year . . .

. . . since we began meeting online instead of in person. Since we learned to sing “Wash, wash, whoever you are . . .” and started measuring the distance between us. And yet despite the physical distance, and all the challenges, we have laughed … read more.

The Ordination of Nic Filzen!

Join in our celebration of the ordination of Nicholas Filzen, who served a two-year internship at USSB (2018-2020) and who is now launching into his ministerial calling.

2:00 pm, online, Zoom meeting ID: 941 1670 6528

Roots & Wings

What does it mean to be “from” somewhere? How long before you are “an old-timer”? This Sunday we explore migration, settlement, indigeneity, and the common desire of all people to live in safety and peace.

*This weekend, faith communities all over Santa Barbara have made a … read more.

“Side With Love” Sunday

Join with thousands of other UUs across the nation for this unique service! Bringing together worship leaders and musicians from across the country, this Sunday will offer hopeful, moving, and challenging reminders about what we, as Unitarian Universalists, are called to do, and be, in … read more.