Speaker: Rev. Julia Hamilton

Pray, As You Are Able, For Peace

Our Sunday services take place both in-person and online at 10:00 a.m.

The news from Israel and Gaza has left many of us feeling awash in fear and uncertainty. This Sunday, let us come together to grieve the violence and suffering as we renew our call … read more.


In recognition of Indigenous People’s Day, how do we approach the concept of “repair” when it comes to the legacy of colonialism and genocide against the indigenous peoples of the Americas? What is the USSB Indigenous Reparations Fund all about, and why does it matter … read more.

Remembering the Future

“Can we develop the skill of remembering the future? Can we commit to build the community that will extend into a time that we only know by memory because it will outlast us? Memorize the compass points of the day yet to come: the truth, … read more.

Days of Awe

We are at the beginning of the Jewish High Holy Days: Rosh Hashanah started at sundown last Friday, and Yom Kippur ends on September 25. In between are the “Days of Awe,” a time of renewal and repentance, where “awe” can refer to things that … read more.

Ingathering 2023: Reclaiming Space

In the center of California, a giant lake has reappeared after decades of absence: Tulare Lake, the largest body of freshwater west of the Mississippi. As we gather for our annual Water Ceremony, to refresh and recharge our spirits for the fall, what can we … read more.

Hot Labor Summer

As the Hollywood Strike continues through Labor Day, what can this moment teach us about what counts as “labor” in today’s world? Rev. Julia has been speaking to friends on the picket line in Los Angeles and will share some of their reflections on the … read more.