COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Sunday Mornings In-Person

We are now reopened for limited-capacity in-person Sunday Service, which is run parallel to our online service.

The following guidelines will assist us in keeping everyone safe:

  • Vaccinations – Only attend in-person if you are fully vaccinated (children may attend CRE in person)
  • Respect Others – Please ask before hugging, touching, or being physically close to others. Please distance from those outside of your household.
  • Masks – Masks are required at all times, regardless of vaccination status
  • RSVP – At this time we are asking Sunday in-person participants to RSVP using a link sent out weekly. If you did not receive the link, or would like to get on our link distribution list, please contact our Office Manager
  • Coffee Hour – We will not be holding in-person coffee hour at this time. Should you choose to join us online, we will continue our online coffee hour via Zoom
  • Self-Screen – All congregants must self-screen prior to arriving, and should only attend in-person if they are not experiencing COVID-19 symptoms
  • Seating – Our sanctuary capacity is limited to accommodate distancing, and we will be spacing households apart from each other. Please feel free to sit with other members of your household, but distance as indicated on the pew signage. Should you need seating assistance, ask one of our friendly ushers. 
  • Children – If you have children please take them directly to check in on the lower campus before entering the Sanctuary for service. Our in-person children’s programs are happening outdoors, and take place at the same time as our service in the Sanctuary. If you do not have kids, please give our families space and do not wander down to the lower courtyard. If you have any questions contact our Director of Religious Education.

In-Person Meetings and Programming

We are prioritizing outdoor gatherings whenever possible, and have set up our beautiful outdoor spaces for congregational use. Outdoor meetings will have access to restrooms.

If your group would like to meet indoors, our guidelines are as follows:

  • Attendees should be fully-vaccinated, if eligible
  • At this time, all indoor program participants must be masked
  • Distancing of at least 3′, as reasonable for program content
  • Group participants must conduct a self health scan prior to arriving at USSB 

Inclusion and Equity

Living into our values, both the on-campus phased reopening plan and off-campus church gatherings guidance focus on equity and inclusion. USSB programs and services should be available to all, regardless of vulnerabilities. Our online services keep the congregation connected, and allow for those with mobility or health issues to participate in services and programs online. Our online services provide live closed-captioning and are available for dial-in.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Director of Administration.