Sanctuary Window Renaming Vote – The Final Stretch

Who Are Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, Clara Barton, and Susan B. Anthony? They are our UU ancestors who are your top 3 choices for renaming the Sanctuary window, as determined by the ranked-choice voting that concluded in October, narrowing down the field of 23 nominees to three finalists!

Town Hall on Sunday, November 19, 11:30am – to learn more about the nominees: Frances Ellen Watkins Harper – Clara Barton – Susan B. Anthony

  • Voting will open to members of the congregation after the Town Hall meeting, and close on Sunday, December 10

To prepare for the Town Hall and vote, you are invited to read biographies of these 3 women from the online databases of the Harvard Square Library or the Dictionary of Unitarian and Universalist Biography:

In addition, the sermon delivered August 20, 2023 at USSB by Dr. Colin Bossen, “I Ask No Monument: the Legacy of Frances Ellen Watkins Harper” is available here:

Special Meeting Sunday, December 10th 11:30am, Parish Hall

We will hold a special meeting on Sunday, December 10th, following service in Parish Hall to call the vote.

Notified Agenda for Special Meeting

Voting Information

  • Members who have signed the membership book on or before November 9, 2023 and committed to an annual financial contribution are eligible to vote. (Members may also receive ministerial exemption from financial commitment.)
  • We will be emailing all members an electronic ballot. The ballot will be anonymous and secure. Should you not be able to vote via electronic ballot, there will be an opportunity to vote at the meeting. If you prefer to vote by mail and/or did not receive the electronic ballot, please call the office at 965-4583 or email Roberta Weighill
  • Members may vote by proxy. Each member may hold one proxy. Proxies should be dated, signed, and state the name of the member to carry the proxy. Please contact the office for a proxy form.
  • The quorum for an annual meeting is one-tenth of the membership counted as present, voting by proxy or absentee ballot.

Official Voting Membership at Meeting Notice: 366
Quorum to conduct business: 10% of Total Membership: 36