Janey Madlani

Janey grew up in Cambridge, England. At 18, she moved to Canterbury, Kent, where she went to University and studied a BA in English and Radio, Film and Television Studies. After graduation she began a long career in journalism working in radio and TV and then music programming in London where she met her husband. In 2008 she had a son, studied to become a teacher, and taught in public school for five years. Janey has a black cat called Oreo, and she love singing, cycling, and playing chess with her son. Email Janey

Christina Boardman

Christina is a Santa Barbara native. She graduated from Scripps Women’s College and is a Neuroscience Master’s student at the University of Strasbourg, in France. She has returned home to finish her thesis. When not in lab or church you can find her playing board games or catering to the demands of her cat, Tigern. Email Christina