What is CRE?

CRE is our shorthand for Children’s Religious Exploration. We have classes every Sunday for children from kindergarten to eighth grade. Childcare and preschool stories and activities for the very youngest children are also available. 

What do children learn in CRE?

Our children are taught progressive Unitarian Universalist values to encourage a lifelong spiritual search for truth and meaning. We also familiarize them with the spiritual practices of the world’s great faiths to foster religious literacy.

Worship for adults and classes for children follow the same theme-based ministry. Some of our past monthly themes have been Expectation, Belonging, Awe, Integrity, Resilience, Liberation, and Play. In children’s classes, each theme is explored through stories, games, and crafts.

Our K through fifth grade elementary program is active, creative, and story-based. We use the UU curricula Soul Matters to encourage children to think about their relationships with self and others, their place in the world, and begin to articulate the values that inform our UU faith tradition. As children reach upper elementary school we explore other faith traditions using UU curricula Neighboring Faiths and studying World Religions. 

We also regularly offer sexuality education for children and youth through the UU program Our Whole Lives (OWL), a developmentally appropriate program with curricula for Kindergarten through adulthood.

Can we visit CRE classes?

Yes, please! Your family is welcome to visit any of our religious education classes, but we don’t allow you to drop off your child with us until you fill out our enrollment form. The information we collect about you and your child on the enrollment form helps us keep your child safe. 

Who teaches CRE?

All of our classes are taught by trained professional staff and assisted by volunteer church members. Background checks are required for all CRE staff and volunteers.

When do classes take place?

Classes are held concurrently with our 10:00 AM service from September to June. Classes primarily take place on the USSB campus, but we also like to utilize Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens as an alternative outdoor space. During summer CRE moves to one all ages class with activities and lessons appropriate for all children.

Is childcare available for toddlers?

Yes. We offer childcare for toddlers and preschoolers in Starr King Preschool (located in our lower campus) on Sunday mornings from 9:45 to 11:15 AM. Our childcare program is staffed by experienced adults and teens, and children have the option of participating in a spotlight activity or playing freely.