Need a pledging and giving FAQ? Click here.

Pledging is a two-step process:

1. Submit your pledge: Use our USSB online pledge form or print a hard copy pledge form at home and return it to our office.

2. Set up pledge payments: Click here to set up auto-withdrawal.

Pledging is a Spiritual Practice

We are called to make a continuing financial commitment to USSB so our Beloved Community can meet its commitment to be there for us and for our world. Regularly recurring pledge payments form the bedrock of USSB’s financial foundation. When we all give our fair share, we can:

1. Fulfill our financial commitments to our ministers and staff;
2. Improve and maintain our buildings and grounds;
3. Fund our social justice projects; and
4. Build our Religious Exploration programs.

We want USSB to be a beacon of justice through engagement in our wider community. We also want to help our members and friends grow intellectually, spiritually, and socially, and support each other in times of challenge and transition. Your generous financial support helps make all this possible.

How Much?

It costs roughly $200 per member each month for USSB to pay our staff, maintain our facilities, and do all the things we’ve come to expect. Not all of us have the means to contribute this amount each month to USSB, but working towards at least this amount or 5% of monthly income is a goal for all of us.

We encourage you to use the Fair Share Contribution Guide to review your continuing pledge or contribution and to increase it, if possible. Please use this opportunity to consider why USSB is your Beloved Community, to remember those who came before us, and to think of those who will come after.

We build on foundations we did not lay. Grateful for our past and hopeful for our future, we give and serve today.